Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thoughts from the Agents

After a tough day battling the elements, the agents thoughts on their day's intervening in West Bromwich prove enlightening.

"it was raining really hard today and that in itself became a challenge to overcome. people were generally curious about the activity and its purpose. there was some wariness, bemusement, cynicism and even aggression but... the overall impression (is) that the people have been excluded from the decision making process of regeneration, and worse still, forgotten.

"my attention was drawn to the kind of messages being communicated on the high street. the facades of buildings and market stalls have a type of visual language and a specific diy-handwritten aesthetic to the signs that appear to sell and advertise. are these signs read? or noticed?"


"i was apprehensive at first and very much out of my depth. having completed the walking tour of our target zone, i was struck by the seeming lack of public involvement with regeneration decisions. the town cannot change unless the people want it - equally change should not be expected to be a success unless people are in agreement with that change. as the day progressed, my confidence increased and people, at first reticent, began to engage in discussion.

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