Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Today is week two of the INTERЯOGATION:WEST BROMWICH event. Following on from the success of last week's ACTION RESEARCH interventions, we have today's mission - PARTICIPATION.

As Agent Francis explains to the agents - participation is the  act of taking part or sharing in something. Agent Francis tells the assembled agents that in terms of public art the idea of participation is a broad one ranging from almost complete control lying with the artist with the public being an almost incidental part - for example, simply a viewer - right the way through to a set-up whereby the artist gives the public complete control. it promises to be interesting to see where today's agents place themselves on this PARTICIPATION CONTINUUM.

on the subject of today's agents, let me introduce you to them.

Agent Brereton

Agent Goldsworthy
Agent Branthwaite
Agent Flanagan
Agent Lima

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