Saturday, September 25, 2010

thoughts from the agents

these mission days test the agents to the limits - their reserves of energy, enthusiasm, creativity, ingenuity and ability are put under the severest scrutiny. so their thoughts at the end of the day are always enlightening and give us a window into the agent's soul.


"thanks west brom for letting me party in your streets. i enjoyed your conversation. hope you enjoyed my cakes."


"a lot of people were a bit wary of us giving away 'free' stuff (and maybe the moustaches), and one lad even asked me if the sweets had drugs in! in retrospect we found out a lot of info, mostly from dialogue with people at our party"


"as of 3:30 today the Public now has competition - the Private. enter  & save. "


"panic, trepidation, enjoyment.
started the day with panic and listened to the orders with trepidation. what happened next was a spontaneous reaction to the challenge and was thoroughly enjoyed."

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