Wednesday, September 15, 2010

the projects get underway

agents branthwaite and goldsworthy set about the task of engaging the west brom public into talking about their area. using two constructed telescopes (tripod and cardboard tube/water bottle!) they targeted particular views and invited people to look through the scopes and describe what they saw. in return people are offered a "free" lucky dip as payment.

agent flanagan explored similar methodology - by asking members of the public to photograph something of their choice aound the target zone (eastern gateway of west brom) and then describe the reason for the choice. in return the participants were free to choose the gift of their choice from the assortment of pre-bought goodies.

both of these projects required and received active participation of the west brom public. at one stage each member of a family of 6 got involved with agent flanagan's project - although there was a flip-side - agent branthwaite was given 50p by a by-passer so determined not to get involved!

agent brereton bought himself a book of facts and doctored the cover to make it seem that it was a book of facts about west brom. he then proceeded to engage the west brom public with seemingly absurd questions about the local area, such as - what's the tallest mountain in west brom? amazement, confusion but most importantly engagement ensued.

agent lima referenced a symbol of west brom - the capful of nails. members of the town's public were invited to "carry a nail for west brom" symbolic of a need and hope that people would see an alternative to the potential homogenisation of the town centre threatened by the imminent opening of a huge tesco store. whilst accompanying  the participants on the "walk" she could engage and seek opinion on this matter and more.

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