Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Agent on the Fourth Plinth

Click on the link below to watch Agent Pitt on the Fourth plinth! So exciting!

Monday, October 5, 2009

a thought

Agent Shipley: Unfortunately I had to leave the symposium early last week, but one thing that I have been thinking about since is something Gary said, he mentioned that he was nervous because he would be assumed to be an 'expert' about Action Research by being paid £500 to talk about it. I would have naturally assumed the same, he obviously has more experience than me in that I have only been graduated from my BA since 2006 and he was chosen to speak at a symposium when I never have. Somehow I feel that this qualifies him to have more time dedicated to talking about his opinions.

Similarly I went down to Cell Projects in London this weekend to see Lisa Le Feuvre in conversation with Ian Brown, Johanna Hallsten and Marcus Coates about their current exhibition 'Trying to cope with things that aren't human (part one)'. There was a moment that triggered a similar thought when Marcus Coates declared he believed himself to be a stoat as he made his new video piece, Lisa Le Fauvre said she simply didn't believe that he believed himself to be a stoat. Coates immediatly responded with'Well I did' and later on, over a pint in the pub, Coates said that he had quite liked the opportunity to confront what he described as, Le Fauvre's assumtion that an artist doesn't really believe anything.

All this has got me thinking about my own opinons and nerves, in both situations mentioned above I was too nervous to pipe up with my own comments or discussion points. It wasn't that I didn't have anything to say I just wasn't confident enough in my opinions to think that they would be relevant; I fear that I am to be perceived as one of Le Fauvre's non believing artists.

So the question is do I need more faith in my opinions in order to be paid £500 to speak them, or do I need to be paid £500 to speak them in order to have faith in them?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Interrogation Agent Pitt on the Fourth Plinth!

Interrogation Agent Pitt will be interrogating the fourth plinth in London at 04:00 hours on 05/10/09. It is possible to watch live online, and see what he will be doing. How exciting! He will of course be undercover - and will be wearing the agent uniform.

Friday, October 2, 2009

symposium. 02/10/09 - 12:50

agent orange: hi guys and welcome to todays final installment of interrogation walsall. the symposium today will take the form of a four part discussion of the events four pronged interrogation - action research, consultation, collaboration and intervention. kick off time is 1pm, so settle back maybe with a brew or the livation of your choice and enjoy. any questions you may have please let me know and i'll put them to the room in the q&a session at the end. remember live streaming is here - http://www.ustream.tv/channel/interrogation-walsall


Today is the final day of Interrogation and we have our 4 speakers and interrogation artists converging on Walsall, when the Interrogation Room will be open to the public, and the results of the program will be disseminated.

The speakers are:
Mission: Action Research - Gary Anderson from The Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home.
Mission: Consultation - Jeni Burnell from Architecture Sans Frontiers
Mission: Collaboration - Sophie Hope from B + B and
Mission: Intervention - Rich White from Counterwork.

It is going to be fantastic! If you can, then head over to the New Art Gallery Walsall today between 1 and 5 to join in the debate, and see what happens. But if you can't then you can always watch live via our online tv channel - and if you want to ask a question during the panel discussion - then you can! See you at 1 then!
Free TV : Ustream

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Interrogation Agents

Dear Agents,
Thank you so much Agent Pitt for your very kind thought, and we are very touched by the camaraderie and support suggested. There is however really no need for you to worry, as we hope to have it all in hand. Many, many thanks fot the amazingly thoughtful notion though.
We are so pleased to have worked with you all on the project.
Agent Francis

Calling all agents

Dear agents.

Yesterday, Operation Intervention went really well, without a hitch...... Well, there was one problem.
Agent Francis, who, as we all know, looked after us all throughout our respective missions, lost her HD DVD techcoms in the canal - to some expense, she is not insured by the gallery or any of the organisers.

I propose this, I would like to receive £70 pounds for the completion of my report with the remaining £30 going toward the repair or replacement of another camera. Of course I understand in the current climate us spooks are working hard to make ends meet, but I worry that agent Francis will not make anything monetary from the residency - this seems the fairest solution, please if you can donate £30 pounds, or anything you can, from your fee.


Agent Bond, James Bond (born Bloxwich 1851)