Wednesday, September 15, 2010

thoughts from the agents

a really successful afternoon's artistic interventions has led the agents to these considered thoughts...

Agent Brereton - What's the largest living thing in West Bromwich? is it the public?
Agent Lima - When in West Brom, be a baggie. Carry a nail for West Bromwich

Agent Branthwaite - i can't believe how many people talked about what they could see through the telescope that they could have said by just looking.
Agent Goldsworthy - interrogation was refreshing as an artist to try out new spontaneous ideas. our project "what is your vision?" brought out a range of positive and negative comments about west bromwich town centre and surprised me with how many people have never looked up and around at the interesting architecture
Agent Flanagan - having looked at the traders in West Bromwich i decided to set up my own stall that dealt in commissioning the public to take a photo on my 35mm camera in the designated chalk area. These photos and position of feet are conjoined with reasoning of their photo, age and what free item they chose to take. by conversing in such a way it allows people to reflect on west brom in an alternative way and make them the temporary artist, whilst also bringing people together.

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