Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Interventions

the afternoon provided the agents with the toughest possible public realm conditions...rain. however like true agents they weren't deterred and here are their resulting actions.

Agent lynch responded to the multitude of types of signage to be found in the high street - some professionally branded, but mostly impromptu and home made. she responded to the presence of workmen by the clock tower by making and positioning a sign by them proclaiming their work to be about a "new square" for west brom. by adding a question mark to an "opening soon" sign she altered the sentiment. and the tiny but perfectly formed addition to the signage of a stall holder did what both other interventions did i.e highlight the empty or broken promises often made by councils and in particular, west bromwich council.

Agent Cassidy-Smith used rubbings of architectural and physical features found in the eastern gateway, and combined them with photographs of overlooked architectural features, displaying both on the ground - part performance, part intervention, it was designed to arouse curiosity in the public, who, agent cassidy-smith hoped, would be moved to actively question her actions. her resulting rubbings were stitched together to form a book for the documentation wall.

Agent Powell was struck by the endless promises of regeneration and sought to highlight the issue by offering the public a chance to regenerate themselves. having bought a selection of "fancy dress" adornments, she attempted to persuade people to give themselves a "60-second makeover" whilst offering them the chance to talk about their feelings towards the town's regeneration.

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