Tuesday, September 22, 2009

happy memories

I really enjoyed the mission day Consultation, and it stirred several ideas about how to approach future projects....when I got home I immediately started writing down all my thoughts, in some way hoping to keep it alive for as long as possible!
A week has gone by and it still stays with me :-) The success of our activity has made me determined that physical activities in public realm is a way forward for my projects: I want to engage people with their local surroundings though activities that encourage play, creativity and reflection. This type of engagement appeals especially to younger ages who usually avoid stopping to talk and share their opinions; from previous experiences I found that 30-40yr olds enjoy stopping to have a rant! So the project, despite only being a day, has really helped development of my practice and I'm now looking for ways to realise these ideas.
How is everyone else getting on? what's yr news fellow agents?

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