Wednesday, September 23, 2009


agent orange: the post mission debrief and evaluation setting is underway fuelled by cake and tea.

agents marsden and taylor report a great, but largely negative response, in terms of feelings. to their inter project. members of the public were invited to record their feelings about walsall on provided white boards, largely in a single word. polaroids were taken of the process and people were encouraged to send their thoughts in by post. agents charnley and holdcroft overcame the wind problems wrecking their paper barrier and found that the struggle making that barrier was significant in itself. they created a submissive breakthrough space in the middle of the broken barrier incorporating an "eruption" themed piece of performance to symbolise escape etc. both agents who hadn't previously worked together to a great extent, reported positive feelings about their working relationship. agents shipley and strain hadn't previously worked together but were amazed at how quickly a seemingly fully formed idea came to them. they collected, collated and sculpted debris and rubbish found in the canal behind the gallery. agent strain enjoyed working in a different way to her norm and concentrated on her collaboration with a new partner rather than a collaboration with the public.

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