Thursday, October 1, 2009

Calling all agents

Dear agents.

Yesterday, Operation Intervention went really well, without a hitch...... Well, there was one problem.
Agent Francis, who, as we all know, looked after us all throughout our respective missions, lost her HD DVD techcoms in the canal - to some expense, she is not insured by the gallery or any of the organisers.

I propose this, I would like to receive £70 pounds for the completion of my report with the remaining £30 going toward the repair or replacement of another camera. Of course I understand in the current climate us spooks are working hard to make ends meet, but I worry that agent Francis will not make anything monetary from the residency - this seems the fairest solution, please if you can donate £30 pounds, or anything you can, from your fee.


Agent Bond, James Bond (born Bloxwich 1851)

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