Saturday, August 15, 2009

Site Visit

Me and Chloe and Karl headed over to The New Art Gallery Walsall this week to have a look at the artist's studio, plan how we would set up our Interrogation HQ and measure up.When we arrived Artist Ania Bas was working on her project as part of her 3 month residency. This has involved inviting the public into the studio to talk to the artist, have tea and cake and get them thinking about quick projects which the artist could initiate in the gallery, and then getting people to vote on the ideas. I voted online previously for the Speed gallery visit idea, where the artist takes speedy tours around the gallery - very Japanese idea.Ania invited us in and gave us some tea, and was very friendly about us bothering her and measuring the walls etc.
We talked about the programme, and made lists of things we would need, and things to do ready for the artists coming in in September.
I took a lot of photos and purchased a couple of books about the building of the gallery, which would be really useful for background, we also had a cup of coffee and a slice of cake in the gallery cafe.


  1. wow that is fancy. I would love to be able to see this all in person.

  2. Thanks Rolfe,
    well even if you can't make it, we are figuring out a way of streaming some video content and getting regular updates online during the Mission days, and for the Symposium, so you will at least be able to follow that way!